About Us

Hi, I’m Jade, owner of Bundles for Bubs.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. I trust you’ll find something you love, either for yourself, your bub or to give as a gift.  

Bundles for Bubs is an online baby’s boutique filled with clothing, wraps, cot sheets and toys as well as our beautiful gift bundles. We are a family owned business based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Let me introduce you to our team, first of all my fiancé Liam, somehow, I roped him in to be the brains behind this website. Then there is our beautiful 2-year-old boy Brody, who works as the resident product tester and model. And of course, myself, Jade. I was torn between going back to work and staying at home to look after our bub so I decided to start a business that I could do from home.  

I’ve always loved giving gifts. For any and all celebrations. I love thinking of what to give and the process of organising and wrapping the presents. But most of all, I love the look on the recipients face when they receive a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

Now, I know sometimes finding the perfect gift can be tricky. First of all, you have to think of what to buy (for me this is the hardest part). Then having to go out and collect all of the different items from multiple shops just makes it a long and tedious process.  So, here’s where I come in, to make your lives easier I have curated a variety of different sized baby gift bundles each of which contains a few of my favourite brands and products as well as products from our own range, Bundles for Bubs.

All of the products from our gift bundles are also available online individually in case you want that something extra or that particular item is not included in your bundle.

Please take some time to look around our site to find a gift you’ll absolutely adore giving and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Jade xx