Reale Deal for Congress
"For Liberty and the Constitution"

Dan Reale
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Welcome, fellow citizens. I think it's time we briefly interrupted our daily routine to have a talk. I too enjoy the security and comfort of our daily routine just like the rest of you. But, something really is terribly wrong here.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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That's why I'm running as a Libertarian. I'm running for Congress in Connecticut's Second District. Unlike the other candidates, I will protect and defend the entire Constitution.

Instead of voting for the two party system and asking them to protect my liberties, it's time to step up and do it myself. It's time we took a stand and took back our Congress.

This website is about change. It is about putting the information you need in your hands in order to make an informed decision. Most of all, the information you will find will help you empower others.

I know how the two party system did this. They made you feel special. They made you feel that there was no other way. They started making decisions about your children's education, your healthcare, which of your jobs were going overseas and how much purchasing power you would lose.

The truth is simple. The two party system in Connecticut's Second District will always abuse you - stealing one dollar, returning fifty cents of it can calling that a good deal.

You said "impeach". You said "end this war". You said "stop helping multinational companies outsource jobs". You said "honor my rights".

If you repeat the same thing, over and over, and expect a different result, that is the definition of insanity. The Democratic and Republican parties will, for the most part, continue to remain insane.

If you want your liberty, and you want to keep your money and make your own decisions about your life, I'm your man.

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